Podcast Transport

# Podcast Transport The Podcast Transport imports audio podcasts from the BBC, Player.fm, the Guardian and Radio Lab.

# Transporter

Drop a url on here to see the json sent to the transport:

POST https://rest.livecode.world/bbc

# Use

Use this transporter to import podcasts from a number of services. The transporter does it's best to scrape the site and find and HTML5 Audio source and display the relevant information.

Try one of these as an example: * The Guardian - theguardian.com * The Life Scientific - bbc * Explore BBC podcasts - bbc * radiolab.org * Player.fm - player.fm

VIMEO 222742470 Demonstrating how to use the Podcast Transport to bring in audio podcasts into Fedwiki.

Now with this Fedwiki transport you are able to store and share these lists in Fedwiki.

# Code

The code for this transporter is written in Livecode. You can view the source here - gist

# To Do

It should be enhanced to: - Use RSS feeds

# See also

This Transport allows you to create a fedwiki ghost page from the data displayed on BBC Radio site or form a BBC radio podccast.