SciTopia is a science project (originally proposed to the Welcome Trust in 2012), that looks to create a new form of Scientific Institution, based on an analysis of the activities and practice of real world science.

This map represents the relationships among and between 22 million documents -

The project aims to create a new Open Science platform, built on top of the Map of Science, and aligned with the values of the Science Commons Project.

SciTopia would be a visual world would contain a navigable Creative Commons licensed archive of 3D models, scientific simulations, and educational resources for the biomedical sciences.

SciTopia aims to build on and enhances existing scientific Linked Data, constructing new metadata about scientists reputations for Peer Review purposes and Knowledge Transfer.

The Map of Science is the foundation of SciTopia. It is a visualisation of an acyclic graph of scientific relationships, that enables visual navigation and exploration of sceintific topics.

Open Simulation Archive is an open archive of 3D science models and simulations. This biomedical 3D warehouse would be the science equivalent to Google Warehouse.

In particular the project aims to create a new form of metric we call the Maven Index, which awards a reputation to scientists based on their ability to spot new talent and ideas, and not on their on their own ability to produce novel ideas.

A Maven Index is a reputation metric derived from the success of an individual in knowledgeably assessing the quality of other peoples scientific work.