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Welcome to this Federated Wiki site. This is my site for integrating notes I feel relevant to Deep Democracy. It's an eclectic mix of notes and discussions on Deep Ecology, Liquid Democracy, Legislative Theatre, and the Parliament of Things.

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# About Us

My name is David Bovill, and I'm a long term advocator and experimenter with Liquid Democracy, and I sometimes blog over at parliamentofthings.org .

Bruno Latour is the philosopher behind the title of this wiki. On this wiki we Idea Mine a range of disciplines around the notion that science, law, media and politics can be remixed in new and potentially fruitful ways.

A "thing" was the governing assembly of a Germanic society, made up of the free people of the community presided over by Lawspeakers. Its meeting-place was called a Thingstead.

Liquid democracy, also known as Delegative Democracy, is a form of democratic control whereby voting power is vested in Delegates, rather than Representatives Wikipedia .

SciTopia is a science project (originally proposed to the Welcome Trust in 2012), that looks to create a new form of Scientific Institution, based on a analysis of the activities and practice of real world science.