Liquid Talks: creating a participatory constitution

Here is a recording of this introductory talk. The sound levels are not good on the recording, but worked better in physical space. Next time guys (Dash, Lauren that’s you :), a little help with the tech would have been great – so apologies for the sound and camera issues I was doing this solo Here is the clip – covering the second part of the talk. Watch out for the presentation at the Open Insitute this Saturday 6th July, 1-2pm, which looks like being a great free series of talks and discussions – or watch the stream.

Today we’re debating the shape of the society we can build using existing legal tools, software tools and our knowledge of working together.

Let’s create a membership organisation. Let’s imagine we do a Kickstarter to create it, or for some other reason we manage to get 1 million people to join and donate £10 to the common bank account. Let’s look forwards to a future where we have 1 billion people from all around the planet, being part of an organisation in which they can vote, decide together, use their mobile phones, their cameras, and video, to express what they care about and believe… what would the constitution look like, what tools would we need to build, how would we decide together?

Tonight I’ll be in conversation with Jordan Greenhall, about his vision for a society we can begin to construct today, and to compare and contrast that with the ideas discussed on this blog, and over at

Tweet your questions to #futureofopen and we’ll try to present these to the group here at the Future of Open gallery exhibit as part of the development process for the Open Institute.

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